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Sharon Oldham  

Travel Specialist




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Get the information you need to plan 

your next  trip to Italy! 

 Whether making your first trip or returning again to Italy, Sharon can provide solutions and suggestions...just what you need to plan your Italian adventure!  Save time and let Sharon do the internet searches for you!

Sharon provides you with recommendations and specifics that will make your planning much easier and much more informed!  If you have a family or special interest group, let Sharon plan the ultimate vacation!!  Ski, walk, bicycle, cook, visit an author, or do a family reunion!


How can we travel around Lake ComoCan we get there from Milan?  How close is it to the airport?  What's the weather like in October?  How much will it cost for 2 people to make a 2 week trip to Lake Como, Venice and Florence?  Should we rent a car or take the train? 

For more information, click About Us , 

or email:  info@2bnitaly.com 


"It seems to me as if I had never before visited Italy--as if now, for the first time, the charm of the country was revealed to me.  At every moment the senses, lapped in delight, whisper--this is Paradise."  (Mary Shelley)




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