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Ciao Bella Getaway Club is designed specifically for all women who enjoy travel.  Our getaways, retreats and tours encompass the adventure and excitement of travel while alleviating the stresses of traveling alone.  Ideal if you don't like paying single supplements because we will do our best to match you with a roommate.  Wonderful for friends, wives, mothers, daughters, sisters who want to spend time together.  Perfect for all women...

To join and receive information about upcoming trips, please fill out and send the form below.  We ask for the following information so that we may better serve you for future Ciao Bella Getaways.  This information and feedback will also be useful when developing future Ciao Bella Getaways.  Please rest assured that all the information will be kept completely confidential.

Name on passport/ID Nickname

Address City State Zip

Home Phone Work Phone Cell Phone

Email Address

Emergency contact Phone

Medical conditions

Birthdate: Month Day Year         Marital Status


What was your favorite vacation and why?

Check the things that are important to you while traveling with a group:

First class hotels              Dining Out                Walking Tours          Shopping            Spas

Enrichment classes          Outdoor activities     Hiking        International travel        Free time

Weekend getaways          Cruises            Theatre            Museums      Scrapbooking retreats

Wellness retreats             Drive-to destinations            Wine tasting            Beach destinations

Skiing            Cooking schools            Organized activities            Free time

Other suggestions, comments or ideas

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